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Something to Add to Your Reading List

Oh dear, I forgot to post yesterday! There goes my one-post-per-day-record since I started this page. It’s okay, I never intended to put that much pressure on myself. Today I don’t really know what to write, so I will go to my list of recent bloggish thoughts. Just kidding. I will tell you about a book that’s coming out in the near future.

I finished reading the edited manuscript of All You Can Eat, a novel by Richard Harlan Miller. Though it clearly defies easy genre categorization, Gray Dog Press categorizes it as a work of comic/literary fiction. I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone. The great thing is that there is something for everyone in it. The characters are well-developed and there is a range of different lifestyles and personalities. There is Darius, a middle-aged looking vampire (the novel never actually uses the V-word) who keeps to himself, inhabiting the skywalks of Spokane, drinking excessive amounts of wine, watching the nature channel, and making frequent visits to Seattle to date, and when he needs to, kill women. He’s my favorite. Lucio, a.k.a. Luke, despite his age (150 years), keeps with the times, blending well into hipster/hippie crowds. Susan is a no-nonsense nurse on whom Darius intends to feed, but instead he finds in her a woman for whom he cares deeply. Dimitri and his young helper Tomas make it clear that, while all vampires must kill to survive, some are certainly more evil than others.

If you’re a stickler about your vampire myths, these characters might be a little too human for you.

One of my favorite parts about the novel is the email correspondence that takes place between Darius and the women he meets on a dating site called He@rt. The dialogue is stunning. The prose style is both clever and beautiful. It is definitely a novel for someone who loves words. It comes out October 18th! You can keep checking in at the Gray Dog Press website to find out more about when you can pre-order. Also, the shape of the book is great. I love books that are of a slightly different shape and size than is typical. The design isn’t final yet, but the ARC’s look great!


Coming Out

Most of my life I hunkered away in caves, hid beneath covers in midday, and tried to clear the blemishes on my soul whose acidic oozing wore away the only parts of me I liked. Afraid to let the sun see them, knowing that revelation would make it impossible for me to ever love myself again. I would wrap myself in my shame like a cocoon and pray long and hard that I would somehow come out beautiful. But death plus death compounded over time does not make life.

A long time ago, and many times since, I heard calls to wake my sleeping soul and stop waiting, to come as I was. A thought as terrifying as crucifixion. Since then I have ventured into the light many times and felt the shameful parts of myself burst into flame, revealed by the light, and it hurts. In the remaining empty spaces, still scarred from burning, life seeps through the cracks. It presses from within me out and I cannot contain it all. That life has made an artist of me.

Here is what it feels like to be that artist:

Have you ever seen a small child who just drew a picture? Didn’t think twice, it just came out. Then with pure delight and not a hint of self-consciousness she ran to show her father. “Look!” she squealed as she thrust her handy work into his face with absolutely no doubt that he would love it. And of course he loved it. He was her father after all, and that made her automatically free, whole, pure in his eyes.

Part of me is that little girl. The other part is still hiding. For that reason, I will seek out all of my hidden places of shame. I will expose them to the light. And I will watch them burn away with searing pain and rich delight because I know what comes next.