I Have a Good Excuse

So much is going on in my life. And that’s why you haven’t heard from me. The time I used to spend regularly updating this blog is now being channeled into honing my photoshop skills. I am considering starting a freelance editing and design business. I am far more qualified to edit than I am to design, but I’m working on it. I think my ideas are good, but the execution is a little on the sloppy side.

In my documentary film course we watched an animated memoir called Persepolis. It is my new favorite movie. Watch it. The animation is beautiful and as a creative nonfiction writer, I was instantly compelled to spend some more time working on the autobiographical writing I’ve done.

When I sat down to write, I looked back at a couple of pieces that I have written in the last two years that look at my history with haircuts, longboarding, and skiing and the way those things have been influenced by my faith, philosophy, and social contexts. From this I decided that I want to start working on an autobiographical experiment. How many different lenses can I use to look at my own personal history? What other threads I can trace through my life?


About Jacquelyn Barnes

Former English Literature and Writing major at Whitworth University. Spanish Language minor. Browne's Addition Resident. Editorial Assistant at Gray Dog Press. Interested in postcolonial, multicultural, and feminist theories. Former ski racer. Longboarder. Runner. Member of Vintage Faith Community Church (we have no building). Painter. Morning person. View all posts by Jacquelyn Barnes

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