Brace Yourselves for BTNT

I’ve been thinking lately and reading and enjoying my friends and family. I have started a bunch of writing tangents that will most likely become posts, but for now, they remain tiny free-writes scattered throughout my “Writing Projects” folder in “My Documents” and in my brainstorm journal.

I learned something about writing through all my reading. It’s not a new piece of wisdom (if you can even call it wisdom), but I learned that I need to always be reading more than I am writing if I want my writing to be good.


I would like to notify you that my roommates and I have begun a new series for my YouTube channel. Beware.

We’ll see if it lasts. My channel has a bit of a failure because I was going to use it to give regular updates on my experiences in Peru while we were there, but then the internet connection was not good enough to upload any of the videos I was editing and I didn’t want to spend all my time editing videos when I should be taking advantage of my time there. Now, the channel is an incomplete project with just a few videos of me rambling about how hard packing is.

MoMo the Superhero might be the only “success” there. After all, it did win me the Viewer’s Choice Award at the LAO Film Festival (for which I received a copy of “White Men Can’t Jump” signed by Leonard Oakland himself).

Anyway, this project might redeem my sorry channel, but it is far more likely that this series will be incredibly silly and embarrassing. Please laugh with us and not at us, thank you.

“Better Than Nap Time,” Morgan decided to call it. Stay tuned.

I also know that Emilie does not like being put on the internet, so I will wait a while to post it until I am certain that I am acting in love toward my roomie (even though we did record it to be posted).


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Former English Literature and Writing major at Whitworth University. Spanish Language minor. Browne's Addition Resident. Editorial Assistant at Gray Dog Press. Interested in postcolonial, multicultural, and feminist theories. Former ski racer. Longboarder. Runner. Member of Vintage Faith Community Church (we have no building). Painter. Morning person. View all posts by Jacquelyn Barnes

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