Hello, Valley of Achor, my name is Emilie.

A post by my first guest blogger!
By Emilie Ojalehto
I am floundering in the weighty nature of my deprived state.  Reason for my soul to rejoice is found in solely in the confidence of your goodness and in knowing your word, which is truth.  I pray that truth would reconcile the state of my heart to the identity you freely give to me.
I feel lost and lonely, partial and broken, unworthy and unloved.  I feel wretched, and that I am.  I feel the truth of not believing in such a thing as your perfect, infinite, persistent love.  I do not want to feel anything—neither inspiration nor emotions—for anything I feel apart from you is smoke and mirrors; obscuring the true likeness of who I am. Truthfully, I am a precious, delightful, beloved daughter of my  Creator and Father, God.
My desire is to feel nothing until I feel your truth. I want to feel empty until I am truly full of your Spirit, I want to feel lost until I find myself in your presence.  I want to thirst until I drink of your wine and starve until I feast on the bread of life.
I will feel truth, no matter how it wrecks me, or where it takes me, which can only be closer to you.
Hello Valley of Achor, my name is Emilie, do you know who I am?

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